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Grant applications 2022/23

Kingsbrook Parish Council invite applications for community grants.  Projects must be achievable within a year and grants are for a maximum of £500.  All grants are purely at the discretion of the Council.  The Council is not bound by previous decisions, and retrospective grants will not be considered.

Once awarded the Council will require written confirmation of how the grant has been spent.  This may include a report, photographs, copies of receipts etc.  This will appear in the newsletter and LPC Facebook and website.  A short presentation at the Annual Parish is required.

The Council support voluntary and charitable organisations that provide services of direct benefit to the residents of Kingsbrook.  The granting of funds will be considered in line with the aims of the Council.

The deadline for receipt of applications are 31 December, 30 March, 30 June and 30 September.  Applications will be considered by the Council in the month after the due date for submission.


Who can apply

We will consider all types of applications, however they will be particularly welcome from:

  • Voluntary groups that provide services for other people

  • Voluntary groups that support disadvantaged people to access something they could not otherwise access.

  • Applications to purchase items that will be shared by many.

  • Different and innovative events or projects that benefit the community.

To ensure as a fair a distribution as possible, the Council will take into account the amount and frequency of previous awards.


Applications should consider:

  • The benefit to local community

  • Increasing local people's engagement and interest in local democracy

  • Promoting involvement in community life

  • Bringing together people from different backgrounds

  • Reducing inequalities

  • Supporting individual with disabilities

  • Engaging young people in positive activities

  • Supporting the needs of the elderly


How to apply

Please complete the online application and ensure you read the policy document thoroughly before applying.