Parish Councillors

James Ingall


John Watson

John has lived in aylesbury for 37 years and has a diverse understanding of the local area and Town Centre where he has been based for 18 years working as the Centre Manager of a Shopping Centre. John has seen a lot of change throughout the Aylesbury Vale area and his local knowledge will be useful to support the newly formed parish council for the future. 

John has also been installed and represents the north parishes (including Kingsbrook) as a board member for the very forward-thinking Aylesbury Garden Town project and is currently working with the project team to deliver some exciting community projects around Aylesbury and in Kingsbrook. 

Ravi Buvanachandran


Penny Clarke

Penny lives in Kingsbrook with her Husband and their youngest of three children.

Up and until the outbreak of the covid virus last year, she worked as a Science Technician in a school near Gerrards Cross.

These days Penny is busy settling into their new home in Kingsbrook and appreciating the fabulous environment and getting to know this lovely community and it’s residents.

As Kingsbrook is a new development, Penny would like to help and be part of it’s evolution into a community that we can all appreciate and enjoy living in.

You will often see her walking around the estate with her Shih Tzu dog Poppy.

In the future, and once the virus is behind us, Penny is looking forward to organising and seeing lots of social events that we can all become involved with, and see Kingsbrook become a happy and lovely place for the whole family to live in.

James Talbot

James is the vicar of Kingsbrook and he and his family have been living in the parish since late 2017. James is interested in seeing people connect in Kingsbrook as individuals and a community and James felt like helping to set up the Kingsbrook Parish Council would be a good way of doing that. When he is not helping to lead the team at Kingsbrook Community Church, and being a parent of two younger children, you’ll find him drinking coffee and creaking gently playing in goal for the Kingsbrook five-a-side football team, the mighty ‘Park the Bus’ as often as he can.


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