Committees and Working Groups


Role of Committees

The Council has established a number of Committees and Working Groups; these are smaller groups of Councillors that take on responsibilities delegated by the Parish Council. In some cases the Committees have delegated authority from the Parish Council to make decisions, set policy and agree strategy, in other cases the Committees have to refer matters back to the Parish Council for approval.

A Committee (or sub-committee) comprises members of the council whilst a Working Group can include other individuals.  Any committee/sub-committee must hold regular open sessions, at which members of the public can speak.

Unlike Committees and Sub-Committees, Working Groups cannot have delegated responsibilities and do not have to be open to the public, however, they do have to abide by certain Parish Council Policies.  Their findings and recommendations must be minuted and a report submitted to the Committee to whom the council has decided they report.  These reports are then discussed at Committee level before being recommended to Main Council.  The Council or the Committee can send report back to the Sub-Committee / Working Group requesting more information or clarification before accepting or rejecting the report and its contents.

Details of the membership and the terms of reference of each of the current Committees and Working Groups can be found at:

Finance and Strategy Committee

Environment and Amenities Committee

Events and Communitcations Committee

Planning Committee

Staffing Committee