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Aylesbury Gardenway public engagement and collaboration

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Co-design workshops

The Aylesbury Garden Town team are offering a second chance to get involved to co-design the Aylesbury Gardenway.

A new series of online community co-design conversations start next week on Monday 25 January when we will be looking at the north, south, east and west sections of the #AGTGardenway in more detail.

We had a great response to our first series of online discussions and we will be sharing some of the feedback received so far as we talk in more detail about the different sections.

Information gathered from the co-design workshops will be then be brought together to finalise the proposed route to provide fully accessible routes for walking, wheeling and cycling, encouraging play, active lifestyles, food growing and outdoor leisure as well as being a haven for wildlife.

Monday 25 January

West Section – Oxford Road to Bicester Road

Tuesday 26 January

North Section - Bicester Road to the Aylesbury Arm of the Grand Union Canal

Wednesday 27 January

East Section – Aylesbury Arm of the Grand Union Canal to Wendover Road

Thursday 28 January

South Section – Wendover Road to Oxford Road

To find out more about the Gardenway visit www.aylesburygardenway.so

To register for one of our community conversations to get involved and to share your local knowledge visit https://bit.ly/2VxMXJf

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Aylesbury Gardenway public engagement

Walk, wheel, cycle. The campaign will close 26 March 21. Sign up and post your thoughts, images and videos in the ‘put a pin in it’ section of the website at https://bit.ly/39oiZ19

QR Code Nature and heritage guided walks

Discover the Aylesbury Gardenway

The Aylesbury Garden Town Team have launched a series of self-guided nature and heritage walks along the Aylesbury Gardenway.

The guides are available to everyone as a download asking members of the public to consider visiting the Gardenway if local to them as part of their once a day exercise and in line with Covid 19 government guidance.

The guides can be viewed here. On their journey we are asking them to think of ideas and opportunities that would make the Gardenway a great place for everyone, then share those suggestions with us via social media or the interactive map ‘put a pin in it’ on our website www.aylesburygardenway.co